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Need a unique, last-minute Christmas gift? Read this! (Spoiler: no shipping required)

Need a unique, last-minute Christmas gift? Read this! (Spoiler: no shipping required)

Today is the Saturday before Christmas — the busiest shopping day of December, according to 2018 statistics. What can we say? Christmas is great, but it also makes December a pretty busy month.


If you’re like most Americans, you might still be looking for that last-minute gift. Before you make that pilgrimage to Target and fight five hundred other people for the last Lego set, I’d like to suggest an alternative gift idea — something that can be given to someone of any age, pays lifelong dividends, and makes memories!


In the last few years, we’ve seen a trend towards “Experience-Driven Gifts.” An experience-driven gift is pretty much what it sounds like; instead of giving someone a physical object, you give them a chance to experience something with family and friends — something like tickets to a musical, a cooking class, or even just a coupon for a day of hanging out.




According to Statista poll, about 70 percent of gift-givers in 2018 said that they chose to give an experience because it created a special memory. 60 percent believed that an experience-driven gift was more unique than a material gift.


AS A MUSIC STUDIO, WE HAVE HAD THE CHANCE TO SEE THE BENEFITS OF EXPERIENCE-DRIVEN GIFTS FIRSTHAND. Here are a few reasons we’ve seen people choose to give the experience of music over the years:


  • They teach your child that gifts don’t always come in boxes. Time with a friend, practicing a new skill, and going on adventures are also valid gestures of love!


  • They unlock your talents. If your kid has always wanted to play guitar, a few months of guitar lessons are a great way to give that passion room for growth. It also lets your child unlock his or her inner explorer as they try new things!


  • They will grow with you. One of my grandparents used to give us ski resort passes for Christmas. Today, I’m still an avid skiier — and so are many of my siblings — because of the experiences they gifted us as kids. When you give your child a chance to try a new skill, you might also be giving them a passion or hobby they can enjoy well into adulthood.


  • Making lessons a gift communicates that learning is an enjoyable experience. It’s no secret that many kids don’t like to practice…but when lessons are presented to them as a gift, it often helps young learners to adopt a new perspective and see those lessons as something that is meant to be enjoyed. That perspective can make practicing much more fun — which leads to a more serious (and skilled) musician!



  • They are a gift that an adult and child can enjoy together. We encourage parents to take lessons alongside their kids! You’re NEVER too old to start learning an instrument. Not only will you be making memories with your child, but your child will get a chance to watch you set the example as a student. Don’t underestimate how much your child might learn from watching you practice, make mistakes, and encourage someone in a lesson setting!



In the case of music lessons, we’ve also found that Christmas is a great time to “test drive” an instrument with less commitment. If your child has been asking all year to play the flute and you’re not sure how that will go, buy a month of lessons for them! It’s a chance for them to see if they truly enjoy the instrument before committing to long-term study.



In short, if you’re looking for a UNIQUE, FUN, and ENRICHING last-minute gift that will make memories, give someone a skill, and even give you a way to spend time with them, consider the experience of music.


At Learning Allegro, we bring in new students for Christmas lessons every year, and we LOVE it. Please reach out to us and let us help you make this Christmas special for the people you love. No shipping required!


For more information, visit our website or call 484-341-8842.

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