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Why Learning Allegro?

Why Learning Allegro?

There are dozens of methods, theories, and approaches to music education. In fact, every teacher and studio you ever encounter will be a little bit different. However, there are definitely things that make each one strong and unique.

At Learning Allegro, we are proud to be part of a vibrant music education community in the Chester County region. We also happen to think we’re a little unique! Here’s why:

1. OUR TEACHERS TEACH THEIR PRIMARY INSTRUMENTS. In most music studios, teachers cover an array of instruments — including ones with which they have minimal experience. At Learning Allegro, we make every effort to pair our students with teachers who have specific expertise in the instrument at hand.


2. OUR TEACHERS ARE WORKING PROFESSIONALS. All of our instructors have ongoing musical experience in a field outside of the music education sector. Some of them are involved in orchestras, theatre pits, and marching bands. Some of them are in rock bands or other performance groups. Some of them write and record in their spare time! We believe that the best teachers are active learners; external musical outlets allow our staff to stay in touch with their “inner student.”


3. STABLE SCHEDULES. In some studios, the employees are mainly full-time music students. That means that the studio schedules have to change with each school semester. At Learning Allegro, most of our teachers maintain a steady schedule all year round.


4. MIX AND MATCH APPROACH. At Learning Allegro, we get it — you might not mesh with every teacher you meet! If a student is struggling to understand one teacher’s approach to the instrument, we give the option of trying a new instructor. We’ve all been there before, and none of us will ever be offended. We want to see our students with teachers they respect, enjoy, and can learn from!


5. REGULAR PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES. All of our students are encouraged to participate in our biannual recitals, which happen in December and May/June. Occasionally, they also play for community days, open houses, and other events.


6. FOCUS ON FUN AND TECHNIQUE. We understand that not every student will play forever! Whether we teach you for one year or ten, we want you to leave the studio with a strong foundation in technique…however, we’re also strong believers that fun and technique aren’t mutually exclusive. Our goal is to give every young musician the tools they need to not only do well, but ENJOY the musical process.



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