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4 signs that you’re a rusty musician!

4 signs that you’re a rusty musician!

It’s been an action-packed summer…but how are your musical skills holding up? Here are eight telltale signs that you might be getting rusty!



1. SIGHT READING IS HARD. AGAIN. Reading sheet music can certainly be tricky, but it’s also a skill that is fairly easy to maintain with time and attention. If you feel your sight reading skills starting to slip, it might be time to get back into lessons and brush up before school starts!


2. YOUR INSTRUMENT FEELS FUNNY. As a violinist, I can often “feel” when I need to spend more time with my instrument! Most serious violinists have a small callus under their chins from holding their violins in place. When I don’t play for a few weeks, that spot disappears and holding my violin is a little…well, off! At least, it’s less comfortable.

Obviously, not every instrument will leave a mark on you, but the concept still applies: when you handle something all the time, it feels familiar. When you leave it to the side for weeks, or months, it will feel a little bit foreign.

If holding your instrument properly has started to feel funny, you need to get back into practice stat!

3. YOU CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME YOU PRACTICED. Maybe this is obvious, but it holds true. If you haven’t played in THAT long, it might be time to get some help. Getting back into summer lessons is a great way to regain your motivation; it allows you to work with a coach and fine-tune your individual needs before taking your music to a more public setting.


4. YOUR TECHNIQUE IS SUFFERING. Maybe you remember how to sight read, but you’re struggling to get a clear tone out of your instrument. Most of technique depends on muscle memory. If you haven’t been using the muscles, small wonder you are struggling to find that beautiful sound! Get a teacher to help you re-train. Your skills aren’t lost forever; they just need to wake up again!


If ANY of these signs sound like you, Learning Allegro is prepared to help you! Call us (484-341-8842) or visit our website to learn more about summer lessons. Let us help you shake off the rust! 

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