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Seven things every music student should remember

Seven things every music student should remember

If you’re a music student — or the parent of a music student — you know that there are MANY things to remember if you want to improve! Let’s take a moment to talk about a small handful of them.

Here are seven tips that every musician should remember:


1. MUSIC IS FUN. That seems like a funny thing to forget, but when you’re practicing a song for the 100th time, your musical studies probably won’t feel very fun. Don’t forget why you love making music! When the days get long and progress seems slow, that initial love for the craft will keep you moving forward.


2. DON’T SKIP THE SIMPLE STUFF. When you’ve been playing for a while, it can be tempting to gloss over the simple exercises — scales, arpeggios, open bow strokes, etc. Remember to give those simple exercises some attention when you practice, even if you feel like you’ve mastered them. Nobody ever “graduates” out of the basics. You always need them!


3. ASK QUESTIONS. If something doesn’t make sense in lessons — or even during your personal studies — don’t forget to ask about it! Questions will help you grow. Talk to your teacher, look things up online, or check in with a musician friend. Be a detective!


4. EXPERIMENT. Lessons and assignments have a purpose: to make you a better independent musician. Don’t forget to make time for exploring on your own! Make up music, try a new genre, or get involved in a new performance group.


5. SHARE YOUR PROGRESS WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Don’t forget to make music with other people! If your only musical experience takes place in isolation, you won’t progress as quickly. Playing in community is SO important and lots of fun!


6. PUSH YOURSELF. Some of the most rewarding musical experiences are also the most intimidating — things like concerts, joining an orchestra, or writing your own music. If you’re afraid of it, that can sometimes be a healthy sign that you should step out! Remember to seize the opportunities that will stretch you and help you grow.


7. DON’T GIVE UP. Keep up the hard work! Remember to persevere and to put real time and energy into your craft. The best musicians are the ones who learn to muscle through and give it their best!

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