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Torn about summer lessons? Here are some of the benefits!

Torn about summer lessons? Here are some of the benefits!

It’s almost summertime — and summer means more time for growing, learning, playing, and exploring your community. Here are five great reasons to make music lessons part of your summer plans in 2019:


1. MUSIC IS FUN! Learning an instrument can be an awesome experience — but sadly, many kids only get to learn instruments as part of their extracurricular studies. In many cases, piano or clarinet lessons become a chore instead of an outlet for fun. When you take lessons over the summer, your child learns to see music as something separate from their typical scholastic activities. This often gives you more room to just explore the instrument and enjoy the process!


2. IT GIVES YOUR WEEK SOME STRUCTURE. Yes, summer is a time for flexibility and spontaneous beach trips, but let’s face it: we all need a little bit of structure in our lives. Taking some kind of lessons over the summer gives you (and your child) a little bit of routine, which often makes for a healthier calendar overall.


3. YOU CAN TRY NEW THINGS WITH MINIMAL RISK. Has your child been begging you for trombone lessons lately? Are you worried that he’ll end up hating it? Put him in summer lessons! Since summer only lasts a few months, we often encourage parents to use it as a testing ground. If your kid hates trombone lessons, you can figure that out before committing to school orchestra and long-term programs…but if he loves it, hey! You’ve found a great new outlet for him!


4. IT KEEPS THE OLD SKILLS IN SHAPE. If your child already plays an instrument, this is huge! Learning to play an instrument is like any other skill — it gets rusty when you put it aside for extended periods of time. A current music student needs to stay in shape! Keeping your child in lessons will maximize her potential and help her to keep building on the skills she gained during the school year.


5. IT GIVES YOU SOMETHING TO SHARE THIS SUMMER. Music is such a beautiful thing to share in all seasons, but especially summer. The warmer months give us plenty to celebrate! Use summer lessons to make you celebration-ready. As you’re honing your skills in the practice room, you can turn around and use them to make the world around you a little more colorful. We’d love to help you keep those skills in shape and make them shareable!




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