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What to expect at your first lesson

What to expect at your first lesson

Have you ever wondered how private music lessons work? Here is a glimpse into how lessons work at Learning Allegro!


1. SHOW UP ON TIME. Most nights, the studio is full of students! Your teacher, as well as the other families, will probably be on a pretty tight schedule. To maximize your lesson time, show up a few minutes early and be ready to go.


2. YOUR TEACHER WON’T BE SCARY. First off, we don’t hire mean people. Secondly, teachers are there to help you grow! It’s okay if you don’t even know how to properly hold your instrument. Your teacher will be a friendly, encouraging person who is excited to help you reach your goals. Don’t be afraid of that first lesson!


3. WE MIGHT ASK QUESTIONS. Your teacher might start by asking a few questions about your musical background. Again, this isn’t to scare you! They’re just trying to gauge what you know, where your interests lie, and what will make lessons most effective for you.


4. THINGS WILL GO AT YOUR PACE. The beauty of private lessons is that you don’t have to match the speed of a classroom. Your teacher can take as much time on a concept as you need. Take your time and enjoy each lesson! Becoming a musician is not a competition — it’s an art. Go at your own pace!


5. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP. If your teacher’s not making sense, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Everyone learns differently. An explanation that works for Student A won’t always work for Student B. A good teacher will work with you to put each lesson in a format that you understand.


6. MAKE IT PERSONAL. Do you love soundtracks? Are you a Celtic music nerd? Want to play some hard rock? Bring your ideas to your private lessons! In many cases, your teacher can help you design a curriculum that caters to your specific musical passions and goals. Remember: private lessons are to make you the musician that you want to be. The more specific you get, the easier it will be to find your groove!

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