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How to be Recital Ready

How to be Recital Ready

Recital season is upon us! Here are a few ways to make sure that you’re ready to go when the big day rolls around.


1. PICK A SONG YOU ENJOY. If you’re going to play for your family and friends (or even strangers), pick something that you love! It does not have to be the most popular, complicated, or recent song you have learned. If you can play it well and enjoy playing it, the audience will love it.


2. PRACTICE EFFECTIVELY. When you practice at home, spend extra time with your recital piece. In lessons, ask your teacher to help you “brush up” on the song before the end of each lesson. The more comfortable you feel with the piece, the easier it will be to battle nerves.


3. RELAX. Let’s be honest — recitals rarely go how the musician wants them to go! Ask your teachers! No matter how great you are at piano or violin, you will probably walk away from recital saying, “I wish I had done XYZ better.” Don’t stress about making everything perfect. Enjoy the experience and celebrate the moments that do go according to plan!


4. FIND THE JOY. If you look at recitals as a chore or an obligation, it will be very difficult to enjoy them. Choose instead to look at recitals as a chance to bless people, share something awesome, and set the mood! The more you can look at recitals as a chance to have fun and brighten someone’s day, the more you will be able to play onstage with confidence.

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