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For the Love of Music

For the Love of Music

Valentine’s Day might be over, but love is always a timely subject! In the spirit of keeping love alive this month, here are a few of our favorite things about Learning Allegro’s dearest art form, music.


1. MUSIC SPEAKS TO US. No matter how scientific we get about frequencies, timbres and chord structures, music always ends up back at the same place — a place that touches the human heart. What makes a sad song sad? A tense song tense? How can you tell that a song is sad or tense without even hearing a lyric? At some point, the answer is, “It just does.” It speaks that unwritten language of emotion, tension and release that every single human being shares.


2. MUSIC ADDS DIMENSION TO THE WORLD. Some of our senses, such as sight, touch, and taste, deal with things that are very visual parts of our world. Music is different; you will never see it on a horizon or collect it in your fists, but it adds depth and meaning to every tangible thing around us! There’s a reason a street performer can capture our attention before we even see him on the sidewalk. Even without seeing him or his instrument, his music adds dimension to the ordinary in our lives.


3. MUSIC IS LEARNABLE. Yes, music is art, but it’s also science. That means that right-brain and left-brain types can both become great musicians! It takes time and dedication to become a good musician, but that dedicated person can come from any background. Music was meant to be learned!


4. MUSIC IS SHAREABLE. Some of our senses are experienced individually, such as sight — you can’t hand your eyes to somebody and show them exactly how you see the world. Music is a little more versatile. You can take the beauty, grandeur, or heaviness of what you see and turn it into something that others can hear. 


5. MUSIC CONNECTS PEOPLE. When I bring my violin on the road with me, or even overseas, I always make friends. Again, music is shareable and speaks to us on a very natural level. It’s something people can rally around and enjoy together. On the formal level, it connects artists with other artists. Some of the best friends I’ve made in life are fellow musicians. We share a form of expression. It’s awesome!


At Learning Allegro, we LOVE music, and we LOVE giving people the tools they need to make it for themselves. Can we share our first love with you? Check out our website to start your own musical journey today!

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