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Here are four instruments your child can start early

Here are four instruments your child can start early

In most Pennsylvania public schools, orchestra electives begin in third grade. That means that the average student doesn’t formally pick up an instrument until age eight. Is it possible to start learning an instrument younger than that?


Yes! In fact, at Learning Allegro, we’ve taught violin and piano students as young as four years old. If your child wants to start early, it’s totally a possibility.


Here are four instruments that, in our experience, are great starting points for young learners.


PIANO. This instrument is basically kid-proof! If you can teach the student to identify the right key, it will never sound squeaky or out of tune. Not only does that save mom’s ears, but it gives a young learner immediate feedback that sounds nice. Pianos allow our smallest learners to learn the basics of music and rhythm in a fun, tactile and pleasant-sounding way.

DRUMS. Don’t panic, mom! There are lots of drum-practicing methods that are easy on a parent’s ears, including practice pads and rubber drum covers. Drums are a big hit with young learners. Hitting things? Deep noises? Surprising sounds? What’s not to love!

On a more serious note, drum lessons are a GREAT way to give your child’s motor skills and sense of rhythm a boost.

VOICE. Your child was born with an instrument — and most kids already LOVE to sing. Don’t overlook voice lessons! Your child will learn the basics of pitch, proper breathing techniques, and how to be an effective communicator through song. This is perhaps the most natural instrument for a young child to learn, and it’s a great outlet for energy and creativity.

UKULELE. Stringed instruments can be tough at first, but what’s not to love about the sound of a ukulele? Ukes have four strings (compared to six on a guitar), so they are a little easier for a young learner to handle. The size also makes them perfect for kiddos! Since they’re smaller, they are not particularly loud, and they have a beautiful, mellow sound. If you have a child who has expressed interest in guitar, ukulele is a great starting point.



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