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My Learning Allegro Story: Miss Haleigh

My Learning Allegro Story: Miss Haleigh

Miss Haleigh shares her Learning Allegro journey with us in this last blog post of 2018.

The last week of December is an interesting paradox. Within the span of a week, we go from celebrating the past to cheering on the future. Christmas is all about remembering things — the birth of Jesus, the traditions our parents put in place — and catching a whiff of childhood again. New Year’s Eve asks us to put those memories aside for a moment to celebrate the unknown.


Anyway, since today is the last day of December, it seems fitting for me to look backward and forward a little myself.


Let’s start with backward.


I came to Learning Allegro as a high school student in 2009. At the time, I had no intention of doing anything with violin after high school, and I was “burned out” on the whole lesson scene. According to my mom, I copped some serious attitude in that first lesson. It’s a good thing the teacher was patient.


Within three years, much changed. I found my love for music again. I became a more confident musician, a more confident person. That “patient teacher” from 2009 became my boss. Wendy encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try my hand at teaching in 2012 — and with her help, I found a career that I loved.


From 2012 until today, I taught a small army of students — some much younger than me, some much older — and found that teachers and students really do grow together. I learned to see the basic elements of music with fresh eyes again. Best of all, I spent my evenings and weekends with a fantastic collection of parents, teachers and colleagues who genuinely cared for each other. The people at Learning Allegro truly celebrate each other’s achievements.


My job not only “filled my tank” every week emotionally, but put me through school financially. I graduated from Penn State debt free in 2016 — and I paid for my school while doing something I loved with people that I loved.

Now to look forward.


Today was my last day teaching at Learning Allegro. I’m heading into a new future, one that is daunting in the best way possible — and as I look, I am so grateful for the time I had at Learning Allegro. My 2009 self had no idea that her first day in this place would lead to a job, incredible friends, and a second home — and I’m glad she couldn’t see that far ahead. The best things in life are twice as sweet when they are surprises.


To whoever reads this blog — current students, potential students, parents, colleagues — I hope that you make some space for music and discovery in 2019. I hope “my students” will go twice as far with their new Allegro teachers as they did with me. And I hope the studio continues to impact people like it impacted me. Plenty of changes are ahead in 2019, but no matter what, I know for a fact that Learning Allegro will continue giving great lessons and impacting lives.

Thanks to the teachers, parents and students who made Learning Allegro so memorable. Have a blessed and happy new year!



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