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Thankfulness at Learning Allegro

Thankfulness at Learning Allegro

One of the best parts of November is the chance to slow down and think about the blessings in our lives. Life, even with all of its pitfalls and hurdles, leaves us with so much to appreciate. We just wanted to share a few of the things that we at Learning Allegro are grateful for this Thanksgiving.


We’re thankful for growth — not just numerical growth (although we’ve had that), but the personal and professional development that happens under our roof every day.


We’re thankful for community — the laughter pouring out of our classrooms, the teachers and students who greet each other with goofy inside jokes, the parents chatting as they wait for their kids, the families rallying to help each other jumpstart cars and corral kids. Our workplace feels like a big family gathering every weeknight. For that, we are grateful!


We’re thankful for creativity — and for customers who consistently challenge our teaching staff to stay creative day by day!


We’re thankful for Miss Wendy — and for every Learning Allegro employee! I will single Miss Wendy out for a moment because she was the brainchild behind Learning Allegro, and she’s had the largest hand in making the studio such an awesome place to learn and work. If she knew I was writing this, though, she would insist on calling out every other teacher and in the building. The teachers at Learning Allegro aren’t just great musicians; they are great people, and they have blessed me (a fellow teacher) immensely over the years.

Also, shout out to Michelle, our admin extraordinaire. Nothing would get done without her. Literally.


We’re thankful for the roof over our heads — a roof that we’ve been able to fill with music, student art, and great conversations. Our little corner of Ludwig’s Corner has truly taken on its own personality over the last several years. It’s lovely to see the studio become more and more like “home” with every passing year. We hope it continues to be a source of joy in the community!


We’re thankful for music — not just because it’s what keeps us in business, but because it keeps us going in general. Music gets us grooving in our cars in the morning, challenges our minds when we practice, calms us down after a long day, and connects us with people from all walks of life. How lucky we are to spend our weeknights sharing such a powerful gift with each other!


And of course, thank you for making Learning Allegro such a sweet, harmonious part of the Chester County area. Music just wouldn’t be the same without you!





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