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Music is for the whole community!

Music is for the whole community!

At Learning Allegro, we never pass up an opportunity to take great music into the Greater Chester County area — or even beyond! Just this year, students and teachers from Learning Allegro have…

  • Volunteered at the West Vincent Elementary Talent Show 
  • Partnered with local school auctions and charities to give more families a taste of music lessons
  • Performed at the Falling Leaf Festival
  • Provided great music at local farmers’ markets and garden expos
  • Performed at West Vincent Day
  • Played pit for local musical theatre productions

Why do we make such an effort to partner with others in our community?

Simple: we believe that music is best when it’s shared. 

Music is a communicator. It is meant to be shared and enjoyed! The moment music becomes “one more thing to practice,” it loses its joy. One of the easiest ways to grow as a musician, have fun, and make a positive impact through music is by sharing it with your community!

At Learning Allegro, our hope is that our students and teachers will fall more in love with music by taking their skills into schools, churches, local festivals, theatres, Boy Scout campfire circles, and anywhere else that could use a bit of beautiful noise. We believe that music is most fun–and special–when you can share it with your friends and neighbors.

If you know a way that we perform or volunteer in the Chester County area, please shoot us an email! We are always looking for ways to make our community more musical. 


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