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Five ways to jazz up your summer music lessons

Five ways to jazz up your summer music lessons

Are you struggling to keep music lessons fun and exciting during the summer? Here are five easy ways to jazz up your studies, keep learning, and make the summer months feel fresh.


1.  EXPLORE A NEW GENRE OF MUSIC.   Are you a classically trained pianist? Try some jazz or ragtime. Are you a pop musician? Try something a little more formal. Think about some interesting musical genres that lie outside the “normal” realm of your lessons and give them a shot. You might find something that you really enjoy!

2.  EXPLORE A NEW INSTRUMENT.   That’s right — it’s not a sin to try an entirely new instrument! In fact, we know many people who use the summer months for that very purpose. When you try a new instrument over the summer, you have a chance to “test drive” lessons without committing to a full school year. You also become a more well-rounded musician in general

3.  TRY A GROUP LESSON.   There are many, many benefits to learning in groups, as we discussed in one of our very first posts. They make music class a more social activity, and they will help you improve your technique in a new, engaging environment.

4.  DO SOME RESEARCH OUTSIDE OF LESSONS.   One of the best ways to become a better cultured musician is to listen to new, well-composed music in your spare time. Believe it or not, this might help you approach your own lessons with a new sense of direction and enthusiasm.

5.  TAKE YOUR SUMMER LESSONS AT LEARNING ALLEGRO.   Okay, perhaps number five is a little cheeky of us…but what can we say? Our summer students look like they’re having an awesome time in the studio. Maybe you should join us and see for yourself!      



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