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Don’t be the 40 percent!

Don’t be the 40 percent!

Here’s a discouraging fact: although many of us will make “new year resolutions” in 2018, about 22 percent of those resolutions will fail within a week. In a month, that number will have doubled to 40 percent. We imagine it continues to go downhill from there. Aren’t statistics sad?

We’d like to assume the best of all our Learning Allegro friends and students, so we’re sure that none of you will fall into that 40 percent category (wink, wink). However, if you’re still trying to pick a new year’s resolution, may we humbly suggest one?

Resolve to practice.

And no, we’re not just saying this to offset our responsibility as teachers to help you sound awesome. There are tons of personal benefits to practicing your instrument; that’s part of why we, as professionals, continue to practice!

Here are just a few ways that practicing your instrument will help you:

YOU WILL GET SMARTERPlaying an instrument stimulates your brain, increasing memory capacity, spatial-temporal skills, and even mathematics.

YOU WILL LEARN PATIENCE. LOTS OF PATIENCE. Nothing sounds pretty right away, no matter how gifted a musician you might happen to be. There’s a lot to learn from personal resolve!

YOU WILL START TO SOUND BETTER – IF YOU PRACTICE WISELY. Practice makes…wait for it…permanent! Perfect practice makes perfect. That means learning to be picky and strive for personal excellence. Simply put, if you’re sloppy when you practice, you’ll be sloppy when you perform–but if you practice responsibly, you’ll sound awesome!

YOU WILL FEEL ACCOMPLISHED. Making music is measurable progress. You won’t sound great immediately, but in time, you will hear a difference. You’ll be able to look back and see how much you’ve improved…and no matter who you are, that always feels great.

YOU WILL BECOME MADLY POPULAR. Okay, maybe we’re stretching this one…but music is a social thing, and the more you practice, the more others will be able to enjoy your talents!


We at Learning Allegro wish you the best in 2018. Don’t be part of the forty percent! If you make a resolution, commit…and if that resolution happens to be music related, we’re always here to help.

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