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Some presents don’t fit under the tree

Some presents don’t fit under the tree

If you’ve managed to pull out of your Thanksgiving food coma, congratulations! You’ve come to your senses just in time for everyone’s favorite month-long shopping spree — that dreaded stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. At least there’s Christmas music on every radio station. That should make the shopping trips easier…right?

Let’s face it — there are plenty of great gifts out on the market between now and Christmas morning, and most of them will look great under the tree in your living room. You might even find a few great toys or gadgets that hold your kid’s attention long-term.


But what if there was another way to give — a way that emphasized fun, learning and personal growth over the simple accumulation of “stuff?”


It’s not too good to be true! It’s called giving an experience. 


This isn’t exactly a new concept. There are plenty of parents out there who have started slipping experiences “under the tree” alongside the sweaters and Lego sets. Maybe that experience is a weekend at Grandma’s. Maybe it’s tickets to a play or a movie. It could even be something as simple as offering to let them try horseback lessons or music lessons for a month or two.

At Learning Allegro, we are proud to offer services like instrument rentals, private music lessons, and merchandise that help families put an experience under the tree. Over the years, we’ve especially received positive feedback from parents who use the holidays as a chance to give their child a few months of private music lessons.


There are plenty of great reasons to gift an experience over a toy, game, or new clothing:


  • They teach your child that gifts don’t always come in boxes. Time with a friend, practicing a new skill, and going on adventures are also valid gestures of love!


  • They unlock your child’s talents. If your kid has always wanted to play guitar, a few months of guitar lessons are a great way to give that passion room for growth. It also lets your child unlock his or her inner explorer as they try new things!


  • They will grow with your child. One of my grandparents used to give us ski resort passes for Christmas. Today, I’m still an avid skiier — and so are many of my siblings — because of the experiences they gifted us as kids. When you give your child a chance to try a new skill, you might also be giving them a passion or hobby they can enjoy well into adulthood.


  • Making lessons a gift communicates that learning is an enjoyable experience. It’s no secret that many kids don’t like to practice…but when lessons are presented to them as a gift, it often helps young learners to adopt a new perspective and see those lessons as something that is meant to be enjoyed. That perspective can make practicing much more fun — which leads to a more serious (and skilled) musician!


  • No batteries necessary. Need I say more?


    If you’d like more information about how you can give a gift that encourages your son or daughter’s musical talents, creative skills, or appreciation for art, check out our website or give us a call (484-341-8842).

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