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Welcome to The Music Room

Welcome to The Music Room

I’ve decided to start a new adventure–and no, it’s not another instrument.


Every musician has a friend who says, “I used to play…” or “I wish I could learn…” And at Learning Allegro, our response is always the same: “You can still learn,” or my personal favorite, “You aren’t dead yet!”

I guess if I can encourage others to step out of their comfort zone into the world of music, then I should put down the violin for a few minutes to step outside of my comfort zone and into the world of blogging.

The Music Room is my attempt to share the collective knowledge of the teachers at Learning Allegro, my music school.  I’m sure there will be funny anecdotes (or stories of frustration) along the way, but music is my first love. It is my passion. I hope I’m able to share that love with some of you.


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